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  • Joe Fratianni

Kalymnos Community

I am very grateful for the community on Kalymnos. The people on the island, whether born there or seasonal transplants like my wife and I, have been such a source of friendship and support. This feeling of gratitude is what I sense the most when I reflect on my 2017 season on the island. Here are some of the many people who helped make last season so successful for me. With such support, I am really looking forward to a great season in 2018.

I would like to acknowledge the following people and organisations. I have certainly unintentionally left someone out, so my apologies in advance. If you are coming to climb on the island, think about supporting these people in anyway that fits your circumstances. You'll insure that Kalymnos keeps its magical character.

Simon & Myriam from Kalymnos Climbing Guide

Birgitta of Kalymnos Adventure Centre, plus all the ladies in the shop!

Sofia at Wild Sport (and other shops) as well as Erini, Dimitris & Kostas

Aris and Katie, guidebook writers and of Climb Kalymnos

Manoli's Scooter Fun, Manoli, Erini and their family

Steve & Sue who run Glaros Snack Bar and do so much for the island

Sofrano's Coffee On-sight, owner Kostas, Nick and Maria

Daniel & Nicoletta of the Italian Gelateria in Armeos

Tania of Climb Mediterranean

Claude for all his new routes

Mike at Kalymnos Resole

Yannis, Rita, Petroula and Manolis from Rita's on Telendos

Michalis at Tu Kaputu on Telendos

Stathis, Adonis, Rose and all their boys at Kalimies

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